BACTERIA's track "U.F.O. [Under Fucking Ozone]" - featuring Snuff 238 Mazend on vocals - is selected for the harshest, most fringe society-oriented, and darkest compilation INTERBREEDING X out soon on BLC productions.

Other bands featured are: Alien Vampires, Crash-Symptom, Cable Bends Steel, Colony 5, CygnosiC, ESR, FSJC, Massiv in Mensch, Mordacious, Obszon Geschopf, Proyecto Crisis, Reaxxion Guerilla, Roppongi Inc Project, Run Level Zero, Stahlnebel, Terrorfrequenz, The Pain Machinery, Uberbyte, Viscera Drip.

The double-disc should be out for the end of the year, stay tuned for more infos!

Eric Raven from TourdeForce and Marko Resurreccion from XP8 join the crew.
An official MySpace page is online on: www.myspace.com/bacterial.

The track "Earthquake", featuring The Maze from BLANK on vocals, is choosen to be included on the second volume of the compilation Italian Body Music.

KUBRICK members [K]een and Zer0, respectively on vocals and arrangements, are included in the line-up.
In the meanwhile, a pair of complete tracks come out.

Beta version of BACTERIA official website online, at the moment the squad is composed by four people:
Mental Siege - all music, rhythm, noize, vocoder
Snuff 238 Mazend - vocals
The Maze - vocals

First demo song available in media section.